An intense film production camp in Palestine for directors, photographers and editors.

Are you a director, photographer or editor, under 35 and interested in making a documentary films in Palestine this winter?

Empowering Storytellers is a film production camp for directors, photographers and editors from Denmark, Norway and Palestine. The camp will take place from the 2nd of December until the 20th of December 2018 in Ramallah, Palestine.

The purpose of the camp is to create possibilities for Nordic and Palestinian filmmakers to develop cooperations and Palestinian stories. The outcome will be 4 documentaries. The filmmakers must independently organize and carry out the productions. The participants will be divided into 4 teams, where the Palestinian participants will help the Nordic participants to explore the unknown territories and to cooperate with the community. The films will be distributed to film festivals, social media and be screened at selected venues in Denmark and Palestine.

During the stay the filmmakers will participate in the workshop "Personal Method" by Torben Simonsen from the documentary line at The National Film School of Denmark.
Furthermore there will be lectures with Palestinian filmmakers and industry people, and common excursions in the area, to inspire the filmmakers and increase their awareness about the culture, and the different situations in Palestine.

There is a self-payment of 2500 dkr. (335 €) to participate. The costs of transportation and accommodation will be covered and the participants will receive a daily contribution to living expenses. Equipment will be provided by your local film workshop.  


You will get a response to your application within a week from this date. 

EMPOWERING STORYTELLERS is created by FilmLab:Palestine, The Danish House in Palestine, IMS, Action Aid, Mediefabrikken in Oslo and Aarhus Film Workshop.

* Norwegian participants must be selected by their local film workshops.