Get a visit from filmmakers and refugees at a film screening and a talk on life as an asylum seeker who works with film.

Download the educational material here.

Five filmmakers and five asylum seekers have been selected to live together at Jelling Asylum centre for short period of time. They were paired two by two, and each pair created a short film. The short films both portray what it means to be a refugee in Denmark, however also what happens when two people meet each other.

The films were created on the basis of the dogma that film doesn’t get interesting before those who are creating the film, put themselves at risk. This is exactly what the five asylum seekers and filmmakers tried to do. The project is a documentary, experimenting on how to co-create film, instead of just viewing the refugees from a far. Through the personal narrations, the films will bring the spectator closer to a group of people, who are often viewed as aliens who are to be controlled.

In this film series, we get closer acces to these people and experience and sense the meetings between the filmmakers and the asylum seekers.

In Autumn, the films will be screened at a film screening-tour around Denmark. Would your school, your nursing home or local library be interested in a visit from two filmmakers and a moderator? They will come to your town, to screen the films, debate refugees, loneliness, the topic of being a young person, film and storytelling .

Price: 4000 + transport and VAT. The film screening is 45 minutes, the talk and debate is 30-40 minutes, depending on your wishes.

For a total day event, where all the film talents join + a moderator who will screen the film, debate and do exercises with the audience is 20.000 kr. + transport and VAT.

For more information or booking requests contact Aarhus Film Workshop/Laura Vilsgaard at or / 88 33 11 88


"It is Safe Now" by Yama Rauf & Hakim Ziaee

Yama is a filmmaker residing in Denmark and born and raised in Afghanistan. His film centres around Mir, who lives at Jelling asylum centre. The film is a poetic portrayal about the everyday life and how nature poses the frame around the long wait at the asylum.

"Come Closer" by Isabel Bilde & Sayed Rahim Rahimi

The film is a meeting between Isabel and Sayed. During the film, they meet around the joint wish to tell stories, however the story quickly develops into a love portrait, instead of a journalistic piece of work, which had been their starting point.

"Nelliker" by Belal Hashemi

Belal’s debut is a tribute to his mother, who is far from the anemone covered forest, where we initially see him walking around. Belal is from Iran, and has been living in different asylum centres the last year and a half. Belal was completely alone with the assignment of making a film, when Belal’s Danish film-partner decided to draw himself out of the project. The film is built around different moments, which Belal and the other filmmakers from Jelling have been filming. In their own way, all the moments point to him missing his mother.

"Venter i natten" by Nivetha Balasubramaniam & anonymous

Nivetha and her partner from the asylum centre went out on some nightly trips to the sea, where they went on walks and got to know each other. These walks create the framework around the films, where Nivetha tries to get close to her partner’s experience of waiting in uncertainty.

"Rain on Canvas" by Freja Nanadowa Rohde Monney & Goran Azizi

The framework around this film is a sleepover in a tent. We learn about Goran and Freja. Two young people who, with humour and seriousness, let us know what it means to live permenantly in a tent. Freja studies psychology and Goran lives at Jelling Asylum Centre.


All the films are created by Aarhus Film Workshop in collaboration with the media platform Other Story and Jelling Asylum Centre.


The project is financed by: Smukfonden, Interkulturelt Center, Flygtningestemmer & Jelling Sparekasses Fond.