AFW enters a Charter for ethnic diversity

Aarhus Film Workshop has entered into a development for ethnic diversity in Danish film.

The institute has developed a Charter, which is the key element to strengthen ethnic diversity within the Danish film industry.

The Film Institute in collaboration with the Producers’ Cooperative, Danish Film Directors, FAF and Danish Playwrights developed the Charter, which is the first joint industry Charter of its kind.

Several initiatives are already initiated, such as:

The Mentor System developed by and embedded in the Producers’ Cooperative. The Mentor system will at first be offered to producers, directors, writers and film workers.

The Casting Base with photos and CVs of more than 150 non-ethnic Danish amateurs and professional actors who have all completed a course in film casting. The project is initiated by a group of casters with support from DFI and is subsequently made available for free to all professional casters in Denmark.

Furthermore the Film Institute is developing the “Internship of the Film Industry”, which is embedded in the industry and targets public-sector salary grants for interns and the newly employed in film businesses.

Hereafter the information of activities will be communicated on a feature page on where one will be able to link or link to one’s own websites. The Charter’s wording will additionally be supplemented by an, ‘indent’, which will be applied when communicating, with the Charter as well as alone.

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