Henrik B. Clausen on VFX in films with AFW support 27/2


What potential lies in the use of Visual Effects/VFX -  and what does it take to implement VFX in films supported by Aarhus Filmworkshop?

Aarhus Filmworkshop and Filmtalent have made it possible to apply for VFX assistance to your AFW supported filmproduction through the help of our VFX trainee as well as through additional support from the Open Workshop in Viborg.

VFX needs to be considered from the very beginning of the process - whether it be during scriptwriting or production planning - for the project to succeed.

Therefore, Aarhus Filmworkshop has invited an expert within VFX to give a talk on the potential of visual effects - and to give you an idea of what can actually be applicable with the appropriate tools and skills.

Henrik B. Clausen will present examples and breakdowns of some of his own VFX filmproductions on Wednesday the 27th of February at Aarhus Filmworkshop.

We look forward to getting insights as to how The Fabric was made - and to learn more about Henrik as a director of VFX films.

There will be room for Q&A - and opportunities to get a piece of advice regarding your own filmproductions.

The event is free of charge and is meant for DOPs, producers, directors - and of course everyone with an interest in VFX.


Time & place: 27th of February from 17-19 at Aarhus Filmworkshop.

Signing up is necessary, as seats are limited.



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