Kasper Rune Larsen's debut Denmark at the Berlinale


Aarhus Film Workshop is proud to share the news that the workshop supported feature film Denmark by Kasper Rune Larsen has been selected to Berlin International Film Festival.

Denmark is Kasper Rune Larsen’s debut and graduation film, from the alternative film school Super8, and the film I supported by Aarhus Film Workshop and the West Danish Film Fund.

CEO of Aarhus Film Workshop, Aage Rais comments:

”Aarhus Film Workshop is very proud that Kasper Rune Larsen with his feature film Denmark receives his international breakthrough. Kasper Rune has been an important and wonderfully unpolished voice in the talent environment in Aarhus, and Aarhus Film Workshop has supported several of Rune’s films during the years. When Kasper Rune and his team started thinking about making a feature film, it was at a time when all established forces discouraged young talents to prematurely start off with the feature film format. However, Aarhus Film Workshop supported the vision without having any reservations and together with the West Danish Film Fund we gave the biggest production support, with money and equipment for one single project in Aarhus Film Workshop’s history.".

Already in 2014, the original, and strong idea behind Denmark was selected as winner of Spot the talent, a competition created by Aarhus Film Workshop, Filmby Aarhus and Spot Festival. Aarhus Film Workshop and the West Danish Film Fund granted the project 100.000 kr., together with equipment and facilities for production and post-production. Since then, the film has received furthermore 100.000 kr. in finalization support from Aarhus Film Workshop, and is hereby the largest production support for one single project in Aarhus Film Workshop history.

The local film support created the opportunity for the Danish team to throw themselves into the ambitious feature film project. And even though the budget was far from the normal feature film budget, which lies between 15 and 25 mio kr., they succeeded to realize the film, with great support from the local forces. The film was among other places shot in Viby, Fredericia and on the Sølund Festival.

Rune Larsen has been using the facilities at Aarhus Film Workshop for many years, and we are so proud to have had an influence on his career and development, and that he with the feature film Denmark will receive his international breakthrough. Aarhus Film Workshop’s most important assignment is to develop aspiring talents, just like Kasper’s personal and unschooled style, in order to secure a more brave and diverse film supply in Denmark.

The director himself comments on the great news; “Well, it’s just so crazy, that an Aarhus-produced film has landed in one of the world’s biggest film festivals. I want to send out a huge thank you to all the local filmmakers, who helped producing the film, and thank you to the West Danish Film Fund and Aarhus Film Workshop, who believed in the project!”


Generation portrait based on personal experiences

Denmark is an autobiographical portrayal of Kasper Rune Larsen’s own upbringing on the residential streets between the concrete blocks in a large Danish provincial town. He calls his film “a declaration of love for the despaired youth.”

The main character Norge has dropped out of school, and is keeping himself upright by dreaming of moving to Aarhus or Berlin, with his only friend Myre. The daily use of marijuana and beers puts an end to every initiative the two young men have, and it isn’t before Josephine steps into Norge’s life, claiming to be pregnant with his child, that something happens. She becomes the catalyst of that change that Norge has supressed and the unusual situation becomes the push that gets him back on track.

Kasper Rune Larsen has created Denmark by letting the scenes of the film play out, without any written dialogue, however through improvisation in between the actors. The feature film is the director’s graduation project from the three-year film school Super8 in Aarhus, and it’s been made with support from The Danish Film Institute. Denmark is produced by Martin Fugl Chabert, Stefan Frost and Henrik Underbjerg at Radiator Film. The film had premiere at CPH PIX in October and was shown at DR3.

The film is in competition in Generation 14plus, during the Berlinale which takes place February 15th -25th 2018.


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