Mehdi Avaz tells about the production of While we live


Together with his brothers Milad and Misam, who were respectively screenwriter and producer on the debut feature film While we live, director Mehdi Avaz (1982) has done the impossible. The brothers have leaped elegantly over the enormous mountain of the Danish film support system. With support from private investors, they have created a critically acclaimed mainstream drama, on an unprecedented low budget. Moreover, without having any noteworthy experience behind them.

While we live proves that there are new ways to create films, both for young and professional filmmakers. According to the brothers, the film is based on an authentic, dramatic incident that happened to one of Mehdi Avaz’s classmates some years back. The film follows the four people, whose destiny is changed forever after. The film has received positive appraisal at last year’s Cannes Festival, and the brothers are already lining up their next projects, of which they are not afraid to give Oscar chances.

Director Mehdi Avaz has made several commercials and music videos, before his debut, and his younger brother Milad as both written and produced the film, together with the third brother Misam.

The Avaz-brothers achievement can serve as an inspiration to especially young filmmakers, who want to rethink the filmmaking process, and who wish to venture out on new paths, both in regard to development and financing of feature films. Therefore, Aarhus Film Workshop invites Mehdi Avaz to tell about his film journey; how While we live was realized and what new projects he has in the pipeline.

The event is supported by Danish Film Directors, and at Aarhus Film Workshop we are looking forward to welcoming Medhi Avaz Wednesday 31/1 at 16.00-18.00, for an exciting talk about the production of his critically acclaimed debut. The talk is free of charge, however we do encourage those who are interested to sign up as soon as possible, as there is limited seating.

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