Moments in Gellerup

Five young filmmaker’s view on Gellerup

By Gellerup Film Workshop

During November and December 2017, five young filmmakers participated in a workshop, and in a number intensive shooting days at Gellerup Film Workshop. Together they worked as editorials, and each member provided their views on what Gellerup means to them. This has become five short documentary films, which together makes up an art installation Moments in Gellerup.

On Friday 12/1-2018 at 17.00 the film expo will take place in the beautiful surroundings of UngK at Nørre Allé 23K, Aarhus C.

The expo is starts off with a dance show by the talented Gellerup-based dance group: The Black Top Team. Buubles and snacks are served. The event is open to the public and is free of charge. Furthermore, the expo is open at:

Saturday 13th of January at 11.00-17.00 and 15th -17th of January at 9.00-15.00. The films will aso be screened at Dokk1 the 18th of January at 17.30.

The films:

Nick Christensen, Franz Nickelman: "Sidste første gang i Gellerup"

Elijah Faraj: "Gellerup is Home"

Dalia el Dirawi: "Hvid i Ghettoen"

Thomas Gimm Hvergel: "Ny i Gellerup"

Isabel Bilde: "Hyæner"


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