Nordic Talent Camp in Aarhus

From the 13TH – 15TH of November 2014 Aarhus Film Workshop will host an international talent camp for young producer talents. The talents are between 20 and 27 years old and come from Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Germany, Ireland and Denmark.  

The purpose of our Talent Camp is:

1)      For talent to develop ideas to promote social and artistic diversity within talent development.

2)      For talent to develop ideas and make plans for the future Talent Camp in Aarhus. 

3) For talent to develop ideas for the establishment of an organized Northern European talent network for young filmmakers.

The main goal is creating a synergy between Northern European talent in order to form the basis of knowledge sharing and cross-national cooperation. As a producer it is crucial to have a strong international network. A united network organisation will bring together the talent across borders and give them the opportunity to develop ideas, co-produce and fundraise in Europe. 

The Talent Camp runs concurrently as Aarhus Film Festival in which the talent will take part with film screenings, Q&A’s and panel debates. The Talent Camp received development support from Fonden Aarhus 2017.

The participants are:

Petter Onstad Løkke, Mediefabrikken, Norway

Rainer Niermann, Filmwerkstatt, Germany

Sóley Danielsen, Klippfisk, Faroe Islands

Johan L. Heinstedt, Filmbasen, Sweden

Gavan McNulty, Galway Film Centre, Ireland

Martin Fugl Chabert, Super8, Denmark

Anette Averhoff, 18 Frames, Denmark

Maria Møller Kjeldgaard, Super16, Denmark


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