Screen Talent Europe launches Co-production support Platform

Screen Talent Europe has created a co-production support platform for young European filmmakers, which enables the filmmakers to apply for support and equipment and find collaboration partners.

The new platform makes it possible for talents to apply for funding and support by all the film centers in the Screen Talent Europe network.

To apply for additional support from one of the Screen Talent Europe partners, the producer or production manager applies for funding at his/her national/local film center. The applicant then specifies which other film center in the network he/she wishes to approach.

Screen Talent Europe envisages that the new proposition will create new and better international possibilities for young European filmmakers, foster more international co-productions at an early stage of their career and strengthen understanding of the conditions for global film production amongst future filmmakers.

Applicants must have a local co-producer in the country they plan to co-produce with. Applicants can use EPIC to find experienced co-producers in the involved countries. EPIC is a network of young producers with great experience in filmmaking.

Read more about the co-production support platform here.

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