Screen Talent Europe Meet-Up i Berlin 8/2


Friday February 8, 2019

It would be a great opportunity for your talents, network, etc to meet up:

The Nordic Embassies//Nordische Botschaften

Raushstrasse 1

10787  Berlin

Directions:  https://www.nordischebotschaften.org/kontakt-ffnungszeiten

13.30             Screening and presentation of talent works

14.30             Reception, networking, mingling, speeches, DJ, lounging, bobles 

17.30             End of reception

This is a major opportunity for emerging film makers to go to a film festival maybe for the first time, to create a network, benefit and understand the possibilities of Screen Talent Europe better, looking at the future projects I.e. Galway 2020, The German-Danish Reunion Jubilee in 2020

Please spread the invite in your network - and please remember to SIGN UP for the event.


Kind regards,

Screen Talent Europe

Karen Qvist Rørsted

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